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Eco Friendly Home

Enter to be a beta tester to renovate your family dwelling into an eco friendly real estate!

Enter to be a beta tester to renovate your single family dwelling into eco friendly home

By signing up with our limited launch program for eco-friendly home transformations, you will be able to have exclusive access to our contacts that are highly adept in renovating residences into greener abodes. As part of ongoing initiaves with our real estate symposium we have developed this pilot program to spur activity in the green real estate sector

Where It All Began

During the past couple of years, the whole world has witnessed the ill-effects of the overall degradation of the environment. Degradation is, in fact, an understatement, with obvious manifestations of unusual weather conditions taking place in different parts of the Earth.
Hurricanes, droughts, odd storms, and the like have taken the lives of too many families worldwide. All these is happening due to a single yet gigantic culprit that slowly kills humankind based on their own wrong doings—global warming. 

This alarming phenomenon pushed various institutions in different countries to implement stricter guidelines in terms of energy efficiency and eco-friendly standards for practically everything that is done within their locality. Both private and public entities have encouraged consumers and the larger public to implement “green” methods and opt for energy efficient equipment, devices, appliances, materials, and practices.

The Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce is among the increasing number of environmentally concerned groups with an intention to promote a better world with less carbon monoxide, and more oxygen that will lengthen the life of humankind on Earth. As much as we want our individual businesses to thrive, we are dedicated in preserving the world for future generations to share.

By being a beta tester to our Eco-Friendly Home Renovation Program, you will take part in a fundamental agenda for the environment. By taking part in the limited launch program, you are able to contribute to the larger community, and help save the Earth from further destruction. We urge every household to put in their share in the advancement of a greener world. Also, we want to ensure everyone is aware of the great increase in value in real estate you can get by doing this.

What Do Eco-Friendly Homes Have?
green real estate retrofitsNo, we are not forcing you to live like a caveman from thousands of years ago. We are neither taking you back to the pre-modern times and making you eat raw foods during your lifetime. We are simply offering a great opportunity to transform your home into an eco-friendly piece of treasure so that it does not involve too much heating equipment use, air conditioner energy usage, and such. 

To provide you with a general idea of what renovation we are talking about, eco-friendly homes usually have the following:

- Energy-efficient home appliances such as washing machines, light bulbs, air conditioners, heaters, etc. There are energy efficient ratings that should be considered when purchasing a new appliance—the higher the rating, the better the appliance is at energy preservation. LED lights are 35 times more efficient than incandescent or fluorescent lamps. Inverter type airconditioners are more than twice as efficient compared to the common type. This is for all types: single family dwellings, condo apartments, holiday homes, and all types of housing. 

- Smart thermostats that run your appliances during the most efficient times—when it will consume lesser energy
-Tankless water systems that heat up water when needed
- Tank based water heaters with insulators to preserve the heat
- Good insulation systems, draft-proof windows and doors, sealed crevices to prevent cold and chilly air from outside during winter
- Reflective insulation to keep heat from escaping the house
- Multi-pane windows , tinted or glazed windows
- A comprehensive energy audit wherein the home’s overall energy usage is assessed by a professional, where eco-friendly improvements are to be based
- Solar powered lighting system, solar panels to lower down fossil fuel-sourced electricity consumption
- Cool roofing, such as those with cool roof coatings, asphalt shingles, or a coated metal roofing
- Trees planted/situated in areas that block too much sunlight during the summer, and fall off to let more sunlight through during fall and winter
- Sustainable flooring
- Skylights that enable natural lighting into the home

Turning your home into a certified eco-friendly residence will not only mean less carbon emission from your appliances and daily activities, but will also increase your property’s value. Moreover, it will cut down your expenses on electricity, water, gas, and other utilities by giving you more sustainable options in lighting up your room, sprinkling your lawn, washing your clothes, heating your home, or keeping it insulated during winter.

As a limited launch program, the Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce is calling on all interested households to partake in the program and experience a life-changing, world-changing transformation. We have had a few housing retrofit case studies in the past. RE/MAX West Coast in Canada will be helping us with a few examples from their Canadian households and initiatives. In the past to increase sales activities during a slow market, RE/MAX has pitched Canadians, specifically from British Columbia to spearhead a green initiative to ignite buyers' interest in properties. Now with a hot market, this strategy contineus to work even despite all the costs involved. To participate please contact us.