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ceo roundtables

Confidential forum of peers

CEO Roundtables offer a confidential forum of peers in non-competing businesses to regularly gather and share practical knowledge and best practices in today’s business environment. They are comprised of no more than 15 people of ownership or top management positions based on meeting time availability, business fit, and consent of existing group members.

CEO Roundtables are structured to help business leaders address a variety of important issues and to offer a springboard for solutions to help improve operations and profitability.

By one member’s description: “I couldn’t afford to hire advisors like these to help me once a year – and I get to meet with them every month!”

What issues are discussed?

Topics range from common to complex. Some sessions are just within the group; others will include outside speakers. Examples include:

  • Employee retention, health plans, effective hiring
  • Cash flow, marketing, sales, e-commerce
  • Leadership, succession planning, selling the business
  • Insurance, legislative issues, creative financing, tax updates
  • Business cultural changes, conflict resolution
  • Team building, employee training _ development

Group guidelines

Each roundtable is required to meet monthly on a determined day and time. Roundtables are fully autonomous and develop their own objectives, priorities, agendas, meeting dates, times, and locations. Once a group is launched, administrative support from the Chamber is limited to e-mail reminders of meeting dates.

Each meeting is strictly confidential – what’s said within the group stays within the group. All members are expected to maintain complete confidentiality. Regular attendance, willing participation, and positive attitudes are required. Any member missing more than three meetings per year may be asked to step down from the group.

Membership dues are set at $50 per member per year. Special registration fees may be charged for special programs, meetings, outings, etc. Guests or prospective members are allowed to attend by member invitation only.

Interested in being considered for a roundtable? Contact roundtable chairman Dave Kaverman.