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Mayor's nine Legacy proposals approved

by User Not Found | Dec 20, 2012

Legacy Fort Wayne logoOn Tuesday night, Fort Wayne City Council voted in favor of final passage of Mayor Henry’s nine Legacy proposals. A proposal using Legacy funds is required to obtain approval by both a supermajority (not less than six members) of City Council and the Mayor. 

The nine proposals were voted on separately with seven of the proposals passing unanimously while two projects had a few dissenters. The proposal for a Higher Education Opportunity Fund received a 6-2-1 vote. Councilman Crawford and Councilman Jehl voted against the proposal and Councilman Harper abstained due to conflict of interest. 

The Downtown Development Trust proposal also had a few dissenters with Councilman Harper, Councilman Crawford, and Councilman Jehl voting against the proposal. 

The nine Legacy projects now approved are:

  1. Funding for a comprehensive Riverfront Development Study.
  2. A Higher Education Opportunity Fund to assist higher education institutions to purchase property, develop new facilities, rehabilitate older buildings in downtown, and provide needed infrastructure.
  3. Provide funding for the Downtown Development Trust which is used to move expeditiously and strategically to secure options to purchase and/or purchase properties as they become available downtown.
  4. One year funding for Downtown Overpass/Underpass Beautification and Lighting which will be used to transform the overpasses into downtown by utilizing signage and art lighting.
  5. Ewing and Fairfield Conversion from one-way to two-way.
  6. Gateways – Front Door Fort Wayne Implementation including wayfinding signage, corridor enhancements, and interchange beautification.
  7. Trail Development.
  8. Youth Sports Assessment/Market Potential Study and Implementation.
  9. Renovate the former McMillen Ice Arena into the McMillen Community Center.

City Council members also have the ability to bring forth their own Legacy proposals and last night, City Council approved introduction of a resolution authored by Councilman Harper, Crawford and Jehl to use more than $2.1 million in Legacy funds for neighborhood street repairs and replacement. The resolution will be discussed in committee session at the next City Council meeting in January.

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