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“Big Brother” is simply not basically a tv program on CBS wherein we, the audiences, are actively playing the peeping Tom; neither will it be an obsolete trope out of a George Orwell novel. Absolutely no, Big Brother has crept down into the real estate business, and we are now the elements of affection… or is certainly that the elements of suspicion? Do we are owed to be under surveillance? Whenever we break trust— indeed. 

Just lately, our local business continues to be managing the aftereffects of a realtor spotted on hidden camera, allegedly stealing over the counter drugs. Though the court case is being postponed up till a later date, prospective customers and patrons stay on in real time with worries concerning safeguarding their real estate while their home is in the marketplace. On earth do you point the finger at them? 

When reports cracked of this professed crime, I went on to my Fb page to speak to the issue and also console my “friends” and “fans” that within my experience, this is simply not the standard in our business. I instantly received a phone call coming from a fellow broker advising I seize my post down. I am able to appreciate not attempting to grant our career a black eye; but, the punch was earlier thrown, but not by my fist. 

Perhaps it will be the public relations graduate into me personally— I don’t know— nevertheless I needed to accept head-on the problem which was being hit on our community television stations and even deal with the blowback. My “pals” were amused that I didn’t simply turn a blind eye, understanding that it was verification enough which I made the perfect preference for my venture. 

Strangely enough, I lately had the delight of dealing with an incredibly savvy dealer. When reaching out to to take a look at feedback I had got, my customer recounted precisely what the purchasers and their brokers were carrying out at each showing. Initially I didn’t deem so much of it, then again the information became exclusive. I sought after how they figured out a whole lot concerning the tours, after which I was notified they have video monitoring as a part of their household protection system

My customer was observing each and every drift and could well say, “I find out what you conducted last showing” to every single broker who got into. I right away had a flashed back to my personal showings and thus thought about if I did ever carried out something I probably would not want spotted on camera. Apart from fixing my attire when a customer wasn’t on the lookout or helping myself to the chocolate placed on the dining room table for all of us (for us, right?), Now I am assured in the manner I have executed myself as being a real estate specialist. And what about you? Perhaps you have carried out something you probably would not like Big Brother noticing? 

I wish to leave you with a few great nuggets of wisdom below, however at this time there isn’t very much to point out besides: Possess integrity. To quote C.S. Lewis, 

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”