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Connect 4 Lunch

Find Good, Personal Connections

As a business person, you know that connecting with other business people is the lifeblood of business. Yet, without an up-close and personal connection, a business card is just a business card.

The Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce is pleased to provide you with yet another opportunity to meet other business people in a way that’s different from any other opportunity you may have experienced.

It’s called Connect For Lunch, and it’s not about collecting and passing out business cards. It’s about connecting and building business relationships with other business people in a relaxed setting, and forging professional relationships in a person-to-person way.

When you enroll in the Chamber’s Connect For Lunch program, you will be invited each week to have lunch with two or three other business people, Chamber members like yourself.  For a nominal fee — just a little more than what you’d leave for a tip — you’ll create new business relationships and deepen existing relationships with other Chamber members. These are real connections that can lead to real results for your business.

When you join the Chamber’s Connect For Lunch program, each week you’ll receive an email from Connect For Lunch asking if you’d like to go to lunch the following week. If you click “yes” on the email, you will receive an email with the names of the business people with whom you’ll be having lunch.

The email will also have the name of the restaurant and a link to a map with directions, a link to profiles describing your lunch partners, and their phone numbers. We make sure that the business people going to lunch with you are not in the same industry as you.  You’ll be the only person in your profession at the table. 

On the day of your lunch, at Noon, when you arrive at the restaurant, you’ll find that your reservation has already been made for you in advance. There’s nothing for you to do except show up (the cost of your meal is not included).

You’ll have an hour or more at each lunch to get to know the other business people at the table, and for them to get to know you and your business. After lunch, you may now have new customers, referrals, and new ideas for your business based on wisdom gained from others at your table. 

Plus, Connect For Lunch will keep track of your contacts for you! You’ll have your own private Contact Manager in your personal Connect For Lunch account. Connect For Lunch is relaxed, comfortable and personal.

  • Relationships: More than 100 in the course of a year.
  • Relaxed: Grow your business in a comfortable setting.
  • Convenient: We take care of the reservation for you.
  • Inexpensive: New referrals generate your return.
  • Variety: New friends, eateries, ideas, and connections.